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Changing  Disabilities

None Profit Organisation NR: 217-454


Welcome to Changing Disabilities


Come Walk With Me and Change lives

Changing Disabilities was founded by Mr K Mulaudzi. On the 16th of October he was involved in an hijacking incident when he was driving back home from work and the shooting left him confined on a wheelchair as a T12/L1 complete paraplegic.


He faced so many challenges when he started to live with disability from daily discrimination, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes indirectly to exclusion.

Organisation description

  • Changing Disabilities- is a Non-Profit and a NPC organisation with a primary purpose of providing emotional, physical, psychological to the community through programs that would enable reintegration and reorientation in to the community.

  • Changing Disabilities have three key focus areas:

  • To restore shattered dreams.

  • To change the stigma of the community against Disability.

  • To encourage those who are affected directly and indirectly by Disabilities.



Supplies: We are focusing on supplying/ donating equipment (wheelchairs, Walkers, Hearing aid’, walking sticks, prosthetics, etc…), Nappies, shoes, clothes, medications, dressings. Both locally and abroad mainly in central Africa with our main focus in South Africa.  We base our work on donating, reliability and willingness of both sponsors and beneficiaries, to establish long term relationship.

Projects: using our knowledge, skills and experience we can help individuals and organisations entities in managing projects and assist in reducing lack of disability basics needs, support to abuse victims and disaster relief. Changing Disabilities is helping those who cannot afford as disability life comes with expensive package. Changing Disabilities biggest achievement or project is donating one shoe to amputees, we get our donations of shoes from Scottish Group of Companies, Dangee Cargen, Nike, adidas, clothes 2 Good and New Beginnings in donating, food, wheelchairs, shoes and clothes to underprivileged.


Changing Disabilities is Rooted and Grounded in the following Values:

  • Excellence- We strive to provide excellent service to the beneficiaries we serve.
  • Accountability-We are accountable to our customers, stakeholders and other parties involved for our actions
  • Integrity- We are open, honest and transparent with our organizational duties. 
  • Love & Care- Raise a generation of PwDs that will show love and care to their counterparts and community as a whole.



Deliver excellent value to our beneficiaries by donating superior equipment’s and reliable quality service.

Establish a professional and sustainable relationship with our sponsors.

Empowering our members to be proactive in attending to our beneficiaries needs.

Identify and invests in new opportunities.


Changing Disabilities can be a dependable to the communities living with disabilities, the abused directly and indirectly. This can only be made possibly through your generosity by sponsoring us with funds, clothes, shoes, wheelchairs, Nappies, wounds dressings and medications and more…

We hope that you will be able to join us touching lives, changing lives and restoring shattered dreams.