Changing Disabilities Mandate

Changing Disabilities constitution is as stated by the companies act and has not been altered yet to become more unique. Changing Disabilities was created with the intention to become a platform for a sustainable Idea each project will be launched and built under  Changing Disabilities brand and will then be evaluated on how to bring interested parties from the relevant sectors the project will operate in to buy into the project, continuing to drive the project to become a sustainable company in its own right, once enough Viable stakeholders have been found that will contribute to the growth of the Changing Disabilities Cause.

The aims for Changing Disabilities site are to grow a large community and find people with disabilities or connected to the disabilities sector and provide services and search for ways to support them. Changing Disabilities is evaluating the possibility of becomingworldwide NPO however the main objective is to provide a sustainable platform in which Shareholders in Changing Disabilities will be driven to further grow the organization and to use funds to develop new disabilities related functions for the NPO organization it will become. While still conforming to strict reporting standards to its Stakeholders and the community and maintain good corporate governance.

We think it’s important in our own opinion to explain the idea of Changing Disabilities in the future. One day once the organization has proved itself and the board members have proven its capability, such anorganization can be placed number one NPO in the country and be further motivated for growth and fund greater causes, and for once the Disabled market whether it be individuals or Organization’s for the disabled can buy into the Changing Disabilities brand and yield returns from the growth it may provide. The public will be able to reap the benefits of owning a part of something that was created with them in mind and reap the rewards. That in our eyes is the goal we are trying to achieve. Connecting the right people for growth and having the disabilities public part of this great initiative that will benefit their lives. It brings a sense of pride and ownership that I believe will hold its members determined. It is still a long way away from that goal, and right now Changing Disabilities is trying to ensure that the system will be effective.