Welcome to Changing Disabilities

Changing Disabilities was founded by Mr K Mulaudzi on the 16th of October 2008 after a hijacking incident when he was driving back home from work and the shooting left him confined on a wheelchair as a T12/L1 complete paraplegic. He faced so many challenges when he started to live with disability from daily discrimination, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes indirectly to exclusion that is when he realised that there is probably many other people who has experienced the same if not worse hence the motivation to start the organisation.He has faced so many challenges just from being a person living with a disability; from losing his family, being less important in the community to various ill treatments etc.

The organisation was later joined by Siphiwe Langa as a board member who lost her hearing from both her ears in 2010 I had an ear infection that started from the left ear and moved to the right ear in a matter of a week. As a result, I was left completely deaf in both ears. According to the ENT specialist it was due to a neurological disorder. I have profound to severe hearing loss and depend on hearing aids to enhance my hearing and to function normally within the society. I faced many challenges from rejection from my community and society to rejection in work environments. The hearing itself is a major challenge as it is controlled by change of weather.

Julia Mulaudzi who is a wife to Kenneth Mulaudzi and a board member of Changing Disabilities. being the wife to Kenneth, she got to also adjust her life and be supportive to her husband after the terrible incident. She holds a business administration qualification which enables her to perform her duties as a board member and after being affected by living with a disability; she actively became involved, especially from a perspective where loved ones are also indirectly affected by the disability.

Ruth Munaka Mutsila founder of Rutheology Converstion. She was gang raped, physically abused, verbally and emotionally abused. The learnings gained from these personal experiences gave her the strength and courage that enabled her to her, encourage, inspire and empower other people that are going through the same hardships or have not yet recovered from similar challenges of life.
Her vision is to see a life without abuse and trauma.
Through dialogue engagements with the youth, women, children, men, depressed, speaking out, crying, empathetic, workshops, seminars, etc.
She has now joined Changing Disabilities as a mentor of the organisation, Changing Disabilities’ founder Kenneth Mulaudzi approached her to be the organisation mentor and she accepted the offer because she saw the passion, the love and the care that Changing Disabilities has for the people.

Asa Gordon, my husband is an amputee and I came across Changing Disabilities through their One Shoe SA project when they were donating shoes to my husband. I realised that there is a lot of amputees around and I volunteered to be their main man in the Cape. Kenneth Mulaudzi made me a member of Changing Disabilities by starting a branch in the Cape and now oversee the Cape Town in terms of all the services that Changing Disabilities offer. My story begins on the evening of 21 June 2018, a day that I can’t easily forget. This is the day that my life as a wife changed completely. On that fateful night my husband of 27 years was on his way home from work when he was ambushed on the road. He tried to get away, hitting two vehicles in the process and lost control of his vehicle. He was rushed to hospital where he underwent a six-hour operation. Doctors were trying to save his leg because one of the bullets went through his right knee. Unfortunately, his leg was amputated above the knee 4 days later.

Nyeleti Shibambo a social worker working for a charity organization. Like many social workers, I do not like to be office bound. I enjoy working directly with communities such as informal settlements and townships. My role as a social worker is to offer counselling services, family interventions services, referrals to name a few. However, the most important thing that I do is to establish community projects in communities, programs that are aimed at empowering women and PWD’s. I am currently volunteering my services to Changing disabilities because I see it an organization that has potential to grow beyond the South African borders. Kenneth Mulaudzi as a founder is very passionate about PWD’s and goes an extra mile to deliver services to PWD’s. My Journey at CD has been lovely and still hope to offer more to make the organization grow.

Gloria Ramaru a pensioner and a mother to Kenneth was a nurse for over 30 years. After she has suffered the pain of almost losing her first born son and also had to deal with the pain of seeing her son who was born and grew up able, seeing him not being able to walk and doing his best to see that PLWD’s don’t go through the challenges that he went through.
She decided to be part of Changing Disabilities and her main focus is on the One Shoe project. She also uproot people living with disabilities whom their families hides them from being seen and show them the other part of good life.

Services offered:

  • Care and support systems
  • Wound dressing
  • Support group
  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Motivational speakers
  • Social workers and many more…

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